Let’s Hear it for Superbean!

Let’s Hear It For Superbean! Download the entire album of mp3s (27.8 MB) in a ZIP FILE (iPhone users need File Manager app Android needs AstroFile) Click here to listen on Soundcloud

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Produced by Steve Moramarco

Superbean is:
Steve Moramarco (guitars, vocals, keyboards)
Freddie Oliva (bass, vocals)
Rick Woodard (drums)

All songs written by Steve Moramarco and published by Stevetime Music (BMI) except “Brooklyn” (Moramarco/Duvall) and “Punch Drunk” (Oliva/Moramarco) published by Stevetime Music/Tuesday Blade (ASCAP) and “Supertwisted” (Oliva) published by Tuesday Blade. (Freddie sings lead vocals on “Punch Drunk” and “Supertwisted”.)

Superbean is a 3-piece New Wave/Power Pop band based in Los Angeles. Their sound is described as a cross between The Jam, Cream, and ZZ Top (which are also their favorite trios).

Track Listing:

1. Brooklyn
2. Elephant in the Room
3. We Never Went to the Moon
4. Heart Condition
5. Anyone, Anywhere, Anymore
6. Supertwisted
7. Don’t Leva
8. Punch Drunk
9. Night Guard
10. Theme From Superbean

Thanks for listening!